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Instrumental Paradise, is Mehdi's latest release. Have you ever heard music so beautiful that it captivated you, lifted you up and opened your heart and mind? As comfortable as a relaxing day on the beach or as fresh as a warm spring breeze, these rich multicultural soundscapes are the soundtrack to your dreams. It's the feeling of bliss that you wish would never end. 


Instrumental Heaven continues to be a top seller and a radio favorite. The music is soaring, expansive, reflective and something that may get you to a higher spiritual dream state. 


Grand compositions and melodies naive and pure have translated emotions unfathomable to the mind. Music is a universal language, whose mysterious power beckons to the soul. Instrumental Evolution’s lush string sections are truly blissful and very relaxing.


Instrumental Escape "it's obvious that this composer has poured his heart and soul into these passionate works of art". This contemporary instrumental gem is Heartfelt, yet joyously energetic and engaging. 


Instrumental Fantasy explores love and fantasy directly from the heart of a true artist. Colorful soundscapes, lush textures and exquisite production take the listener on a very beautiful journey of the mind body and soul. 


 Instrumental Imagery is an absolute gem! Breathy pan pipes combine with beautiful flute and colorful piano, saxophone, guitar, violin, harp, hammered dulcimer, electric guitar and percussion all placed in lush orchestral arrangements. As this music puts you in touch with life's most cherished memories, you will see that it is part of your own conversation with the Universe. 


When listening to Instrumental Odyssey, you can't help but feel that this music was spiritually inspired. This album is a translation of life's sweetest thoughts and deepest feelings, through the eyes of a true artist.


The beauty and wonder of the Universe inspired Instrumental Dream, Mehdi's debut album is a true classic. A rich blend of east meets west it's both rhythmic and soothing. 


"This music was conceived and recorded during some wonderful periods of my life. It was inspired by hardships that became valuable lessons and the wisdom of some really wonderful people. I feel honored to be performing it for people of many different cultures and backgrounds. It is a gift to all those people who embraced me with their kindness, smiles and applause"  -Mehdi

Composer Mehdi bridges the gap between contemporary instrumental and alternative music. His Gold selling albums have won him recognition worldwide as a musical genius whose talents encompass both recordings and the concert stage.He uses concerts as an opportunity to "create vivid musical pictures" and transports his audiences on a breathtaking odyssey of the mind, body and soul.

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"Close your eyes and let Mehdi's music take you to a state of elated bliss, his music is refreshing and truly alive"


" Absolutely magical music that uplifts the spirit as it caresses the heart"


"Beautiful and special instrumental works, simply very well constructed, where quality is a priority and crafting a wonderful sonic scape seems to come naturally".


"A Rich Paradise of Sheer Audio Bliss"


We think you'll find Mehdi’s music an entirely new listening experience. It stimulates, soothes and captivates the listener"


Transports the listener on a breathtaking Odyssey of the mind body and soul"

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Creating his own road is how Los Angeles Based composer Mehdi found his way from traditional Classical and Jazz to an unexpected career twist over 2 decades ago. As one of the most successful creators of contemporary instrumental music, he transcended "new age" labels to establish himself as the best-selling creator of Instrumental Imagery Volume 3 (which was  No. 1  on the alternative/new age chart for 11 consecutive weeks).

Mehdi has been playing the Piano since he could reach the keys and started his performing career in the 1980s working behind the scenes on numerous Feature Films, Discovery Channel, Nova and National Geographic Documentaries until he "stumbled" onto a different path in the mid 1990s.

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“It is only with the heart that one can truly see ,for all that's important in life cannot be seen by the eye”

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